I Want to Live
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mipoet Insomniac
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There have been days, when I have wanted to quit.

I Want to Live

There have been days,

when I have wanted to quit.

To give up, and end my life,

but I’ve not, for my wife and kids.

Now today, I sit here and think,

and I realize something exciting.

I am so glad that I’m still here,

not just for them, but for me too.

Those moods are the worst,

when everything feels pointless,

or when you feel worthless,

but hang on, for others, and for you.

I want to live today, it’s true,

my therapy, and medication,

I think they’re helping me.

Don’t be ashamed of help.

There’s so much locked inside,

but bit by bit I get through it,

it’s work and struggle, exhausting,

but the change is worth the fight.

I’m not there yet, but light on the horizon,

no longer in that deep dark tunnel,

I want to pull you out with me.

To help you see what I can now see.

I thought I’d never feel this way again,

when I was in the thick of it.

But I’m still here, and I see I’m glad,

so I know the feeling passes, now I want more.

To scream to the others still in the dark,

keep moving forward, ask for help!

There is light that can be found,

do not give up! I want to live!

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