I Got Through
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mipoet Insomniac
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I got through. It was hard to do.

I Got Through

I got through.

It was hard to do.

I didn’t think I’d make it.

But I didn’t cut.

Not at all.

That’s good.

It would have been a long fall.

Back into a dark place,

that I’ve been to enough.

But it’s okay.

In my special way,

I was built for this stuff.

Depression, anxiety, meds.

Self harm.

Does that count as psychosis?

I don’t mind.

Just glad the cravings,

are falling behind.

The meds are helping again.

So I can still say that I stayed,

at three months today.

Here’s to three more,

and more after that.

Hoping anyhow,

that I don’t fall flat.

Day by day.

That’s the way.

The only way to do it.

One at a time.

Then the next.

So on and so forth.

Coming out,

from this latest episode,

I carry on,

for I must.

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