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mipoet Insomniac
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Thoughts to try and keep sober.

I Choose

I choose to stop using marijuana because I will feel healthier, save money, have more energy, be eligible for more jobs, and be proud of myself.

I am in a safe place.

There are people who want me to succeed.

There are people who will support me.

It will get easier.

Cravings pass in a few minutes, I can ride them out.

I can replace my cravings with an exercise routine.

What am I running from?

Why am I scared of sobriety?

Marijuana has felt like a friend, that makes it hard.

It’s been there for me during rough times, and it’s never made me sick but I still need to stop using it as a coping mechanism.

I might like feeling sober.

I can be mindful without marijuana.

Think how proud I will be at group tomorrow.

Day one is the hardest. This is my third attempt. Get through it already so it gets easier.

None this morning. First time in a long time. That is something.

I kicked kratom and alcohol without issue, I can handle this.

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