Growing Up
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mipoet Insomniac
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A poem about becoming an adult.

Growing Up

When I finally grew up,

was when I acknowledged,

the role I had played,

in my place in the world,

and accepted my fault,

for things that I had done.

Growing up is hard.

It’s not easy to admit,

when we make mistakes,

but it’s a necessary part,

of becoming better people,

and that is important.

We should always be trying,

to be better than we are,

because nobody is perfect,

and if someone says they are,

then they are lying to you.

That’s the simple truth of it.

At times we all mess up,

we all can be selfish, greedy,

that’s all right, cause we can see,

there is beauty in our imperfection.

Having flaws makes us human,

and we can be okay with that.

So be better, but also,

you must love yourself too.

Balance in all things,

that is the key to it.

That is the path I see,

I hope you will walk it with me.

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