Dream Journal 2
Dream Journal 2 scary stories

mipoet Insomniac
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A tense dream.

Dream Journal 2

I come home. My wife is on the couch, and another woman is over. Sitting in the recliner. She’s talking to my wife about a boyfriend or husband that they are separating from.

I am standing near the front door.

Suddenly, the husband or boyfriend enters from my garage into my dining room and kitchen area. He demands the woman leave with him. I tell him he needs to leave. He says no. I insist.

He looks to the top of my kitchen cabinets where he sees an axe with a long handle. (I don’t keep an axe in my kitchen, but you know dreams.

) Quickly he grabs the axe, looks at me and says he’s not leaving.

I tell him to put the axe down. “Sorry, but I can’t.” His vision travels between me and the two women. I think to myself, is this the moment I die?

He’s closest to my wife, but looking at me. I yell at him. “Get the **** out!!!”

Closer he moves to me. I reach behind and unlock the front door, slowly stepping backwards, trying to keep his attention on me.

I quickly hop out front and he rushes forward to try and close the door on me, but not before I grab the chair sitting out front and use it to wedge the door open.

A struggle begins when he realizes he can’t lock me out. I think he thought I was abandoning the women.

His hands try to remove the chair, but without dropping the axe. I reach in and get a hand behind the back of his knee. Yanking as hard as I can. Trying to drop him to the floor.

“Owe” my wife's voice wakes me up for real. I am yanking on her arm. Oops. “Sorry, I was having a bad dream.”

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