Don't Judge Us
Don't Judge Us poem stories

mipoet Insomniac
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An anthem for those who self harm.

Don't Judge Us

It starts with a trickle at first.

Then gets deeper and worse.

I’m talking about blood of course.

Obsession with my blood,

and letting it loose.

How do I overcome this darkness?

When it’s all I want to do.

Cut myself deep and true.

Addiction, ha, I laugh at the word.

It doesn’t do it justice.

Possession, obsession,

craving that flood.

Fighting like hell,

just to not do it.

No one can see,

how hard that is for me.

Does it make me crazy?

Does it make me insane?

I don’t care anymore.

I just can’t take the mental pain.

The physical I can handle.

It’s a nice distraction.

But these thoughts in my brain.

Like fog in front of a plane.

I’m doomed to crash.

Sooner or later.

Then people will judge.

Curse the hater.

You can’t see why I do this.

If you could you’d fight it too.

Instead of judging just be glad,

that it hasn’t come for you.

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