Depression Lurking
Depression Lurking despair stories
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mipoet Insomniac
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For me, depression always lurks.

Depression Lurking

Depression is strong today. It started when I woke up. The children have been away. I fell asleep too early.

So now reality's back. My last evening is wasted, and I really have a knack, for needing some time to me.

Today kids. Tomorrow work. I should have spent it with her. So now I feel like a jerk, for sleeping the night away.

I am so tired all the time. Life getting away from me. First a nickel, then a dime. Soon none of it will be left.

Today it has got me hit, and I would like to give up, but an option, that’s not it, and so I must carry on.

Wish me luck on this tough one, I need your thoughts and prayers, I wish for these thoughts on none. as they are miserable.

Survive. I don’t want to do, but others need me working, and these thoughts are nothing new. Depression. Always lurking.

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