Dark Day
Dark Day pain stories

mipoet Insomniac
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I’m depressed and angry. It is a bad combination.

Dark Day

I’m depressed and angry.

It is a bad combination.

One that makes me want to bleed.

I want to scream and cry,

and rip my hair out.

To cut myself and let blood spill,

all across the floor.

I want to put my hand through a wall.

Break everything I can see.

But I do none of these things.

No, I sit here,


Feeling it all inside.

But not reacting.

Not doing what I must to release it.

I hurt and ache, deep in my soul.

A darkness lingers.

Like a foreign entity,

it spreads.

Where is the light?

It is fading too quickly.

Damn it to hell,

this accursed despair.

Twitching jitters.

My leg won’t stop shaking.

As if depression wasn’t enough.

The anxiety comes in waves.

They nearly knock me down.

Depression, anxiety, despair.

Does anyone out there care?

About the pain deep down?

And how it feels?

Or what it is like to be me?

Depression says no,

nobody cares,

and I don’t matter.

Not really.

It would like me to slit my wrists.


my will is stronger,

and I stay here for my kids.

That’s all I can say,

about my day today,

I wish it would all,

just go away.

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