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mipoet Insomniac
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There’s a rage inside me. A fire that always wants out.


There’s a rage inside me.

A fire that always wants out.

It shakes my legs.

It makes me fidgety,

and restless.

Don’t mistake my words,

I think I’m usually pretty nice,

and I want people to be happy.

I try to love everyone.

But I am angry, and bitter.

I am stuck in a place of my own making.

Fighting with demons I created.

And I wish it wasn’t so.

I didn’t get the promotion.

Get over it. I know. I just can’t.

Get over the fire. Ha! No way.

My house was fine but I was scared,

for days on end not knowing.

Every time I smell smoke,

or hear a helicopter,

I am back, at that time.

But I was angry before that.

Angry at monotony.

At my failure in life.

I suck at making money.

So I must be worthless.

I’m learning that’s not true.

That other things have value too.

Like that I’ve stuck with my kids,

been loyal to my wife.

And so the anger is a little better.

At least it is for now.

I hope that it stays that way.

But its never that simple.

I’ll take it though.

I’ll try living in the moment.

And staying calm.

Deep breathing.


I’m learning those things work.

Go away anger.

I don’t want you anymore.

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