weirdness i did
weirdness i did txt stories

minyoongi0309 dork,hard stan,multistan
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dont get mad

weirdness i did

okay so i was bored and i have a generater so i typed in the txt members names and asked it questions like who is most likely to do this or that then after i did that i wanted to make

a dirty version and i got REALLY consered becuse i ask it who is most likely to be a daddy rather then a baby and i got hueingkai i am severly concered but i also did more question here i did

q:who is most likely to fuck me in public a:soobin

q:who most likely to eat me out in school A:beomgyu

q:who most likely to have his mebers try my juices a:hueingkai (now dont get me wrong i can see that happening)

i did more but i aint getting reported or blocked but i am REALLY concerened on these answers

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