teen pregnancy ep4
teen pregnancy ep4 hyunjin stories

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here you go my angels

teen pregnancy ep4

jeongin:so you already have a boyfreind y/n and its beomgyu if i am not mistancing "yes i do"i said "then break up with him jeongin said '' WHAT??!! NO!!'' I yelled at him.

beomgyu:no please just give her anouth dare please i love her with all my hart I squeezed Beomgyu's hand tightly. '' We love each other, we are not breaking up.

'' me and beomgyu said at the same time then do you want a new dare i will give you a new one but you HAVE to do it jeongin said with a evil smirk jeongin:the dare is you both have to have

it umproteced sex so i can be a uncle I then got up angrily and started walking out of the club beomgyu:wtf dude we shouldnt have to do it unprotected we are only 18 we arent even audelts

yet '' Its no use talking to him, he takes everything as a joke. Just take me home, I'm tired and sick of everything right now.'' I sighed.

life sucks we al know it doese but some times we need to take advatige of it mybe we should be the secend dare it will be fun '' No I don't want to.

'' I shook my head what do you mean beomgyu said '' I don't want to do it.

'' I said pwease its been awile y/nshi ''No is no now stop!'' I shouted okay jeeze i was just playing with you I rolled my eyes. '' Just take me home, I'm not in the mood.

''rose said that we all were having sleep over at your house though '' Oh yeah I forgot about that ok then lets go I guess.

'' I said come on i hope no one is dead ass drunk'' Yeah lol '' I said as we went back into the club beomgyu:omg we are dead they are drunk '' Ugh so now what?

'' I asked lets take the limo i guess end of ep4

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