teen pregnancy ep2
teen pregnancy ep2  hyunjin stories

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ep 2

teen pregnancy ep2

after y/n changes her close and goes back to school some people notice it is her but not a lot hyunjin didn't know it was you so he tryed to make a move I try my best to ignore him he

keeps saying words in my ear trying to get me as his girlfriend but i keep rejecting him does he know it is me '' Stop being desperate mister, leave me alone!

'' I shouted and walked away rose walks up to hyunjin and says "leave y/n alone you chaos her anoufe damage it her life hyunjin:W-what?? That girl was y/n??

'' Hyunjin asked,

surprised to see y/n totally different rose:yaeh dumbass so leave her alone and stop bullying her Hyunjin just stands there now speechless rose walks away and gose to you and txt and ask if

you want to ditch school and go to the club after dance since you have a mager dance assignment you need to do with partners '' Ok... a little fun won't hurt.

'' I said but only after dance we have a project we need to do soobin said with a fatherly like voice '' Ugh fine whatever.'' rose said rolling her

time skip in dance class

teacher:okay class we will do the partener dance now it is a boy x girl so the partners are blah blah blah blah blah and finally hyunjin and y/n ''WHAT??

!!'' I shouted abruptly, and quickly raised my hand. '' Umm miss, can I maybe work with someone else please?'' I asked the teacher, hoping she would say yes.

teacher:no she said with a stern cold voice Hyunjin was in the far corner of the room, smirking.

time skip at the club

i go to the bar to get us all some shots rose came to me and said they are her i didnt know who they were but then i saw them

heheh who will it be

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