teen pregnancy ep1
teen pregnancy ep1  hyunjin stories

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hehe here yall go

teen pregnancy ep1

hi my name is choi y/n i am the twin of choi soobin yes he is older then my but only but 5 minutes we are on the bus so we can go to our school there are alot of people staring at me becuse

i look like a nerd yes i may have glasses but people dont know the real me i just ignore the stares and talk with soobin about us auditioning for bighit et after about 20 minutes we get

off the bus to find our lookers but as usual,

im clumsy and i bump into someone but with my dumass it had to be my bully hyunjin but i dont consider him as my bully i see him as my future boyfreind he started shouting at me and calling

me names but i just stare at him i just stare at his butiful faceand then i noticed my glasses on the floor he smirks and breaks them by stepping on them

rose:what the hell did she do to you hyunjin come on y/n i have you spear glasses in my locker i responed with a nod lookind down at the growned biting my lip trying not

to cry becuse thouse glasses wear the last thing your mom and dad gave you befor they died beomgyu:babe you okay what happened soobin:what the hell man she just bumped into you on accident

you didnt need to break her glasses hyunjin:shes plain stupid she should knowbetter not to bump into me the most populsre guy in this scholl but too blind he shouted roling his eys


me and rose were at her locker getting my glasses when out of no were hyunjins hoe comes and dumps water on me and snappes the spear paier of glasses i had "stay away from hyunjin he

is MINE and mine only"at that point the anger you had inside you burst and you punched momo"take him you fucking slut"i shouted at her we all start to fighting each other and then hyunjin shows

up to see what happens what happenes and acts all innecent little giel and blames me

rose:this fucking hoe started it come on y/n lets go to my house so we can fix you up y/n:yes please i want to leave this place i said wiping my tears from my face txt:we want to come aswell

rose takes me and txt to her house and let me change into some of her close you end up in a blue t shirt black jeans and contacts that reveal you dim hazle eyes

hueingkai:yay we are twins y/n "well i never wear these type of close so it looks weird on me"i said with a dim voice beomgyu:sweetie you look cute dont worry we are here for you y/n:aww i really luck to have yall

okay so this is part one i hope yall like it

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