teen pregnancy ep 3
teen pregnancy ep 3 skz stories

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teen pregnancy ep 3

rose:straykids is here chan wants to know if we want to play truth or dare with them also jennie,

and jisoo unnie are here well i dont want to i said with a cold stern voice rose:come on it will be fun jennie and jisoo unnie are here how bad can it be y/n:'' Ugh fine...

'' I said giving up rose:yay come on we are playing truth or dare also we need to order more shots since they are like 20 people now'' Umm no! I'm not getting drunk!!

'' y/n shouted okay but you stil need to have some dont be a chicken rose replyed with '' I'm not a chicken!!

'' y/n scoffed "then drink have fun for once you are always in school studying and when you are not doing that we are traning with jyp"rose announced y/n gave up an and said okay whith

a smile rose:lets play the game then then we should all have a sleep over everyone at my house it will be fun '' YAY!!

Let's start then'' rose knew i loved sleep overs hats why she brought it up after abought 2 minutes of waiting for the drinks they were done rose helpd me carry them to the ara and

we stared then game y/n truth or dare i.n asked'' Umm let me think for a minute.

'' I said nervously i chose dare i knew i was making a mistake but i need to have fun and take chances ''Are you sure??' I.N.

asked with that same evil smirk yes i said with a smirk still nervouse but you couldnt tell'' I dare you to date Hyunjin hyung he says me and hyunjin were both takeing a shot and we

both choke on them how long and what do we have to do i mange to say without trying to strangle jeongin '' Just act like a loving couple for a month,

and after a month you guys can end the dare.

'' Jeongin said, with a satisfied smirk but what if she already has a boyfreind beomgyu asked '' Wait Y/n do you have one?

'' Jeongin asked yaeh i said in a dim voice becuse me and beomgyu kept our relashinship sectret from most people minuse out freinds Hyunjin 's blood boiled... he was angry but he tried to hide it

end of ep 3 ;)

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