suga oneshot the basketball couple
suga oneshot the basketball couple suga stories

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suga oneshot the basketball couple

hi my name is park y/n i have 1 brother named park jimin my BFF is min yoongi people always say we act like a old couple when we fight me and yoongi been through a lot together and as

we grew up i kinda well fell in love whit him i mean how can you not when he is so nice to a nerd like you when his gang bts bully's you well all of bts but yoongi and jimin people always

say that you are a nerd because yo have glasses and you use to have braces when you were 12 but you don care end of info about you at school

yoongi: hey baby girl

y/n:hey baby (no you and yoongi are not dating well not yet at least )

yoongi : can we hand out after school

y/n:i would love to but i got basketball practice and so do you we can meet up after then or our teams can scrimmage

yoongi: oh baby girl you dint want to do that you know you will lose we won all of our games your team no

y/n:we lost one game out of 9 so far besides your just scared we will win and you will lose

yoongi: fine we can scrimmage but don cry when you lose bye baby girl

y/n:take your own advise baby you will regret excepting the offer *sneaky chuckle*

after school at basket ball practice yoongi's pov

yoongi:okay guys we are going to scrimmage the girls team for practice so don go to hard on you defended but go hard enough so we don mess up our score

after the game your team won by 24 points the score was 60 to 42 so yall won but you were going to confess to yoongi about your feeling but you were dead scared

y/n:hey babe can we talk

yoongi:what up baby

y/n: um i like someone but i do not know how to tell him can you help me

yoongi : ya but there is something on your face let me get it *he kisses you and you kiss him back*


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