long distance reashionship hueinkai ep 1
long distance reashionship hueinkai ep 1 hueingkai stories

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since i discontinued criminal lovers i desided to make this series i hope you like it

long distance reashionship hueinkai ep 1

you've been here for the past 10 minutes and you cant take him off your mind

hueingkai and you haven seen each other in 2 years is sucks

i really miss him,his hugs,smell,his fluffy hair,kisses,and most important his love for me

i frustrate sighed and laid my arms on the fence watching the peaceful ocean getting joules of it

being a model is hard okay i have to wear mask hats and not that fashionable clothes since im a known model here in the us yes yes i lived here for the past 2 years and i gotta admit that

i hated it its not because of the people .......,its makes me miss my real home(Korea)and of course i miss my family to but...

he is the real reason why im missing everything

aish i am stressing myself again

these past two years really making me crazy and its not obviously my fault suddenly while thinking someone tapped my shoulder

y/n:oh chris ?what are you doing here -i said raising my eyebrows at him

chris:i just saw you standing here from far,so why not say hi ?

-he formed an angeletic smile on his lips buy you found it annoying chris also know as christoper john is also a model just like you but he just started his career for mounths ago hes

been clingy around you whereever you go hes there witch i find varey annoying its my fault though i havent told any one but the staff and mr.yang(owner of the company)knows...

youre a 'famouse'model so it has to be a secret

chris:ive seen been haveing a hard time this week *correction its 2 years*

y/n:well yaeh ..i have been busy this mounth and its a good thing mr.

yang gave me a week off -i said with a fake smile and looked away from chris "i understand your pain dont worry"he said patting you on your back witch caught you off guard chris notced it

and frowned is there something wrong he asked raising his eyebrows 'ya you'i shaked me head no and formed anouther fake smile

since it is late i am gonna make ep2 later i also am not gonna make anymore episodes to crimal love i am sorry for the people who liked that series i just ran out of ideas for it but i am gonna have alot of fun writing this series for you my angles sleep well love you all i you ever need help writing a story just messege my i will help you and if you ever need adrice i am here for you love ya byezzz

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