hyungjin oneshot lyrics prank
hyungjin oneshot lyrics prank  hyungjin stories

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hyungjin from straykids oneshot

hyungjin oneshot lyrics prank

so i used cheer up by twice english lyrics beuse they are mested up in my opionion heheh lets gooooooo

y/n:The bell bell bell rings every day hyungjin:???

y/n:Please be considerate for me from now on hyungjin:i thought i was y/n:I don't want to waste my battery hyungjin:then why you be texting me babe y/n:I keep looking at my phone

and messages keep on coming hyungjin:maybe becuse we are idols y/n:I feel like my phone is going to explode

hyungjin:thats well um okay then y/n:I don't know I don't know, he can't breathe hyungjin:what is happening

y/n:He's having a hard time because of me hyungjin:WHO THE HECK IS HE y/n:His heart drops when he sees me why hyungjin:we should make our relasionship pulic so everyone knows you are mine

y/n:he says im so prettyI'm not trying to brag hyungjin:wow i can say thing about stays they say that all the time about me heheh y/n:Oh I'm sorry for not picking up earlier I was seeing some friends that's why I

was hyungjin:OMG y/n:shy shy shy hyungjin:oh um sorry y/n:It's not a good time for me to meet sorry hyungjin:wtf y/n:I'll call you later in a little bit hyungjin:okay y/n:Don't pester me,

I'm not gonna put up with it for long hyungjin:???

y/n:I'll let you call me Baby hyungjin: i always call you baby princess y/n:It's a little too soon,

It's a little soon for my feelings hyungjin:why am i dating you again oh yaeh becuse i love you y/n:But I will show you more hyungjin:um okay then then can we make our relaship public then

it will make it easier for us to date y/n:CHEER UP BABY CHEER UP BABY hyungjin:CHEER UP BABY y/n: dang it you found out i was doing a prank but if you want to make our relaship public i will

be more then happy to make it pulic stays and angels shipped us

okay i am gonna end the story here sorry this is going to be a series by the way so you better get use to it and i am going to change up secend mother my han jisung ff so yaeh also i am going to call you angels love yall

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