han jisung oneshot the new girl group stray kids ff
han jisung oneshot the new girl group stray kids ff stray kids stories

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han jisung oneshot the new girl group stray kids ff

hi my people welcome back to my crapy account here is a han jisung from stray kids oneshot ff sorry if is bad with my gramar and sorry for not posting lets get on to the story i quess haha

name:kim y/n age:17 birthday:september 14 2003 hobbies:rap,dance,draw,ect other:you are a trainy jyp and is a memberof the new girl group blackpink

okay so in the story you are rose in the stor but lisa and rose switch position so you are my mackna and a rapper i just wanted to clarify that with you becuse people usaly have you as lisa so

i am gonna spice things up ya know hehe

jyp: okay blackpink i am gonna have all debut so please write a new song and make a choragrouphy to it please and tonight meet me in the dance room at 23:00 so you can meet some people you

can practice some dances will you wait aswell understand girls blackpink:yes sir we under stand jyp:just call me oppa since i am whey older then you 4 combined blackpink:okay jisoo:i

am gonna coke want some food jyp:no thank you but can day6 come they have been complaining saying they want girl cooked food becuse it tased better j ennie:they can come over if they want

we dont mind hahahah jyp:okay i will call them now (time skip at dance room)y/n:do you guys want to do that new dance chanllenge on tiktok for that stray kids song gods menu lisa:sure but

i still say you and han look good together jisoo:my baby and han i can see that okay lets just look at the video before we do the dance before jyp comes and dies from laughter because

that dance looks hard as hell jennie:OMG felix voice is so deep j isoo and y/n:oooooh someone has a crush lisa:lets do the god damn dance already *as you just set up the camera to start

the dance there was a knock on the door*y/n:god damnit l isa: language young lady jisoo:hey i am the mom here y/n:shut up lisa i heard you say worse but go get the door

now l isa:okay jesus women y/n:i ow my brother 10 bucks becouse of some bet we maid when we were 15 l isa:y/n and jennie you future husband are here *you and Jennie are cousins so you look

at eachother and nod and your inner Spanish side are gonna come out*jisoo:lisa run Jennie:to late you gonna the spoon *y/n through her flip flop at lisa*lisa:were did you get a shoe

from y/n jisoo:dont ask she will never tell but who the hell is at the door ???

:stray kids jisoo:omg Jennie is turning red jennie:shut the fuck up jisoo:hey watch yo mouth lisa:come in come in chan:its only the 4 of us jyp sent us to meet you han:who were

you calling y/n and jennies future husbands lisa:yo * again you through a flip flop at her*felix:were is she geting flip flops from j isoo:only Jennie knows there cousins its kinda in

there blood hyunjin:remind me not to mess with her lisa:oh ya Felix Jennie like yo*Jennie through her flip flop at her* lisa:ow what was that for jisoo:are you guys on your period or

something *y/n and Jennie both through flip flops at herr but she caught them and chased you around and arouned till you fell*y/n:DONT KILL MEH han:what did we walk

into jennie:hell hyunjin:and flying flip flops *jisoo finally through the flip flops at y/n but also hit han and made yall fall han fell on top of you and accidentally kissed you but

he didnt full away he just kissed her slowl and passionlatly after a couple secends you gave in and kissed back*jisoo and chan:my baby is all grown up lisa and hyunjin:ew felix and jennie:

i ship it *after a fough minutes of kissing he finally pulled away for air han and y/n:did that just happened jyp:what the hell did i walk into do not aswer that question we will be here for days

sorry for not posting in awille my wifi has been down so i havent been able to write sorry if the story is kinda weriod i kinda was at a weriod state writing this

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