changbin oneshot lyrics prank
changbin oneshot lyrics prank skz stories

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changbin oneshot :)

changbin oneshot lyrics prank

so welcome back to my crappy channle i used the song call me maybe becuse like why not lol hope you enjoy my angles love you instead of y/n doing the prank on changbin he is doing the park

on y/n so i changed it up a bit ;)

changbin:I threw a wish in the well y/n:???

changbin:Don't ask me I'll never tell y/n:i- changbin:I looked at you as it fell y/n:i been at the studio all day changbin:And now you're in my way y/n:how am i in your way if i am at

the doctors changbin:I'd trade my soul for a wish y/n:that is creppy changbin:Pennies and dimes for a kiss y/n:you are weird c hangebin:I wasn't looking for this y/n:are you breaking up with

me changbin:Your stare was holding y/n:what changbin:Ripped jeans, skin was showin' y/n:whe changbin:Hot night, wind was blowin' y/n:im adding our members

*y/n added jisung,chan,i.n,hyunjin,suegmin,felix,lee know,rm,jin,suga,hobi,jiminie,tatae,kookie*

authers note you are the 8th member of bts

chan: kids what is happening here rm:if they arguing we better get our popcorn they are both rappers so it can get juicey suga:can i go back to sleep its our one free day to relax before

our comebacks changbin:Where you think you're going baby?

y/n: this is why i added all you he is on drugs and high in the sky bts:i know what is happening now changbin:Hey,

I just met you and this is crazy bts and skz:SO CALL ME MAYBE y/n:guys i got news but dont get mad at me and chagbin jin and chan:what did our kids do now changbin:what

is happening priincess y/n:theres a Bun in the Oven

i.n:IMA BE A UNCLE YES felix: 😏 suga: 😏 tae: YOU NASTEY CHILDEREN changin:shut taehyung hyung you were doing it at 13 * taehyung has left the chat*

thats all for today mate love you all byez

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