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chan oneshot lyrics prank

y/n:I can hear it callin' chan:what y/n:Loving the way you wanna talk chan:are you high y/n:Touch me tease me feel me up chan:you need holy water y/n:Something in the way

you wanna talk chan:huh y/n:You got me sayin' you got me sayin'How you doing chan:i am all good baby just chilling with changbin and jisung y/n:Tell me what's your name chan:you

were literally screaming it last night

*felix entered the chat*

*jisung entered the chat*

jisung:What's your sign felix:Feeling like you're into me chan:is this a prank or what y/n:Yeah, I'm waiting,

I just want you to come on over where I'm staying chan:your my girlfreind yes i love you felix:Falling for a stranger chan:what?

jisung:Good gracious felix:I might even fly out to Vegas jisung:Catch a flight y/n:I'm thinking maybe you'd be down to do it chan:this is that lyrics prank right i hear these lyrics before

let me look them up y/n:But you don't know what I'm saying chan:love talk by wayv and the next lyric is Got me going through the roof, roof

Really don't care what we do, do,

heyWe could fly to the moonI see your lips movingBut we ain't got a clue y/n:fuuck we were caught felix:time to confess y/n jisung:i am still in shock i am gonna be a uncle chan:what are

you talking about WAIT Y/N YOUR PREGNANT y/n:fuck you jisung you ruined the prank *chan added i.

n,changbin,suegmin,lee know,hyunjinand woojin**woojin:what up my dudes y/n:go away woojin*y/n removed woojin*skz but chan:so how did the coffesin work y/n:han ruined it

the end

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