Love Me Harder
Love Me Harder
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minxroyalty So happy to write on here! and network!
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Love me harder, before i leave.

Love Me Harder

You said that you loved me

I believed it too

We were so happy

I found your phone...

and read your messages

my heart was torn

You said you love me

the pain, it stayed

you should've loved me harder

I acted as everything was the same as you smiled in my face

you lie

you should've loved me harder

you started going for walks late at night

that's when I let my tears fall

You wasn't there when I woke

I wanted you to come back home

You finally came back

you didn't even look at me

Everytime I try, you push me away

Months passed, you're barely home

I gave up, you didn't care

Tonight you're next to me, it feels so strange

but tomorrow morning a space will be empty

If you're now noticing I'm not there, don't text me

When you notice I'm not around, then think back on the last months

you should have loved me harder

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