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Following the Battle of Endor's aftermath, a mysterious bounty hunter finds himself swept in the midst of the chaos. While pursuing what appears to be a simple 'snatch and grab' contract, turns into a galactic-wide odyssey. In this journey, not only does this hunter must contend with various threats and rivals but also the personal demons of his very soul.


Star Wars: Path of the Hunter

The screen comes to life, revealing an orange flag displaying a white humanoid fist raised up in the center with a circle of stars surrounding it.

Next appeared was the inside of a warehouse with several large crates on the sides and dimmed lights above.

Yet the cam droid's focus was in front on five ski masked figures clothed in darkish green fatigues and armed with mostly blasters.

They stood in a line behind a sandy-haired middle-aged human man. He was in a ruined business suit and was down in an kneeling position with his hands tied behind his back.

The prisoner was quivering all over in complete fright and his bruised face showed it as he stared down at the floor. The masked men were obviously human as well despite their coverings.

One of them, a female who was closest to the hostage on the right side step forward. Lifting a huge knife with one hand, she stared right at the camera droid recording all this and then said;

"For too long the galaxy has suffered injustice. For too long the people of these stars have been the pawns and victims of power mongers and criminals.

The time has come to for us the true people to throw off these shackles! We, members of the Galactic Liberation Front will take back our universe from all oppressors.

Whether they be Imperials, Hutts, even the so-called rebels who want to restore a corrupted republic. None will escape our justice!"

Then in a quick motion, the speaker harshly grabbed the businessman's hair with her left hand. The act caused the man to close his eyes and squeak in pain.

Looking down at her hostage, the speaker ranted on;

"This is Malcolm Howe from Bespin. He fancies himself a man of privilege and so exploits his workers and even scam off his employers for his own gain.

Mister Howe do you confess to these crimes?"

The man still too afraid to speak could only nod at the question. It was a good enough answer for the terrorist leader.

"Very well, in the name of the galactic people, I sentence you to execution, Malcom Howe. Your death will be the first of many in our righteous crusade."

The masked woman looked at the camera again for last time then added;

"This is how it begins."

Then the militant put her knife behind Howe's neck as the man started to weep without restraint at his fate.

Suddenly out of the darkness behind all the group came a large figure who swiftly brought up a rifle and then fired right toward the back of the terrorist woman's head.

The blaster bolt struck true and the self-appointed executor collapsed on the side like a ton of bricks. She dropped her blade in the process and let go her intended victim's hair as well.

The four remaining terrorists in shock reacted with curses and tried to turn around to face the unknown attacker.

As they were doing this, the attacker fired well-placed shots that took out the two radicals on the left, leaving burning holes in their chests or heads.

The remaining duo was able to fire back toward the assailant but the shots were frantic and uncoördinated that proved ineffective as the figure quickly rolled away from their aim.

When up again, the shooter unleashed a barrage that slew another terrorist by his gut and wounded the other in the shoulder.

The last surviving one laid on his back moaning at the pain he had received.

Meanwhile, the hostage had dropped down for cover during the chaos and stayed there for out for out of fear being killed in the crossfire.

All of this was still being filmed by the floating cam droid that somehow escaped being blasted.

The one responsible for al of this walked up to the survivors and stepped completely into the camera's view.

Revealed was a dark and grayish furred wolf-like sentient that stood six feet tall with long black hair and pointed ears.

The canine was wearing a brown v shaped poncho with red and white markings on this edges that covered the shoulders and most of the torso.

There was a hint of the dursteel armor underneath from the ribs.

Below the stranger wore tan leather pants and shoes complete with brownish ammunition belt on his waist as well.

Armed in his hands was an A280 blaster rifle, its barrel, sizzling with thin smoke. With his dark eyes the Wolfman looked down at the wounded terrorist with a seemly neutral expression.

But the radical's continued cries of agony for a brief second produced a look of pity from the alien but only for that second.

To end his fallen opponent's suffering, the Wolfman raised his weapon again then shot the dying man through the chest area.

With no more terrorists alive, the killer focused his attention to the hostage.

Malcolm, slowly turns to look to see what behind and upon glancing a full view of the menacing alien he fell back and shrieked.

Slightly annoyed, the Wolfman sling the gun back to his right shoulder and waited for Howe to stop screaming.

When seeing that the mysterious being wasn't attacking him, Malcolm stopped panicking and looked up in question at the stranger and then slowly asked;

"Are to save me?"

"No, to collect your bounty."

Was the hunter's deep voiced reply before he threw a fast punch at Howe's face and knocked the human out cold.

When finished, the bounty hunter hauled Malcolm Howe over his free shoulder and was about to walk away until stopping seconds later. Looking back, he spotted the camera droid still filming him.

Pulling out a blaster pistol with his right hand, the professorial aimed straight at the camera and fired. Everything became dark then, leaving a blank channel.

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