Star Wars: Path of the Hunter, Part 3
Star Wars: Path of the Hunter, Part 3 stories

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Following the Battle of Endor's aftermath, a mysterious bounty hunter finds himself swept in the midst of the chaos. While pursuing what appears to be a simple 'snatch and grab' contract, turns into a galactic-wide odyssey.


Star Wars: Path of the Hunter, Part 3

Planet Telos

Telos System

The Outer Rim Territories

So much smoke in an huge city. Vilkas thought, seeing what was in front of him, a series of dark ominous smoke rose higher than the buildings themselves.

He had never been to this world called Telos before in his travels, some called it a massive tourist trap of a world apparently.

Now months into the Empire's abandonment of the planet, the situation had gotten worse.

Telos' growing food and medical shortages had driven the populace to loot and now revolt as their newly formed government appears to unable or unwilling to resolve these woes.

As such what Vilkas witness before him now was a city torn asunder out of desperation into warfare.

Vilkas hid himself within an alleyway while blasterfire and artillery raged hundreds of meters away on the street to his left.

The bounty hunter kept himself close to the wall, waiting for a chance to move on to the next alley.

For a brief moment Vilkas ponder on why he was here.

Samsi Erat, an old "associate" had contacted him recently to find a package stolen by some low rate gang that resided in the lower levels of this place.

The reward itself would've been good enough to gain his services though right now he was wondering if he should've turn it down with given the madness he now wintesses.

Still a contract was a contract, meaning Vilkas would have to finish, his task one way or another. His ponderings were interrupted when a blaster bolt struck a few inches close to his head.

On instinct he dove away from his position to the other side and then brought up his rifle, while trying to find out in what direction the shot came from.

With his dark eyes Vilkas quickly scan the area but saw no movement in front.

Must've been a stray shot. Just as I deserve for getting distracted, no matter I better move soon.

Suddenly the bounty hunter heard a couple of feet rushing forward and weapons blasting away.

Readying himself Vilkas waited and then saw a unit of eight soldiers in makeshift armor, charging straight through the street from the right.

Blasterfire from the opposite side burst forth in respond. The squad hit the dirt and open up a volley of their own.

Vilkas watched in an mixture of astonishment and horror as the fiery exchange flashed back and forth.

Grunts, screams, and laser bolts tearing through flesh were loudly heard in the embattled street.

Then it ended within two minutes and the fighters he saw were victorious got up but only had five left, the rest were on the ground lifeless.

The survivors check their dead for ammo and supplies, not noticing Vilkas they pushed forward to some unknown objective.

Vilkas stayed where he was in the shadows for thirty minutes, making sure he was truly alone. Then with cautious steps he edged out of the alleyway and looked both ways for any signs of trouble.

Once the lupine warrior was satisfied that there noting alive in sight he ran across the road and the corpses that filled it now and disappeared into another alley meters away.

He continued to jog, intending to leave this battered neighborhood and head for the next district where his prey was suppose to be located, many miles south from here.

An hour had passed and Vilkas was still in the dark corridors of the crowded neighborhood.

The apartments that were used to be packed with a dozen families in each one now were either emptied or demolished.

The sight all around him cause the Wolfman hunter to question himself whether he can finish this mission or not.

This city's destruction made Vilkas long for the peace that he once knew...

When he saw fire engulfing a building to his left Vilkas recall the huge bonfires his kin made during celebrations and ceremonies.

Yet here the spirit of fire was not of joy nor of vision but of desolation. Vilkas had his share of fights and small skirmishs yet this siege was truly alien to him.

It drove him to move faster in some hope that it will shorten his stay on Telos.

Then passing the latest in a series of alleys he stumble upon two figures in front of him.

One, a human male in an bloodied uniform was laying on the ground while another one more younger wearing an similar attire was weeping without stop, holding his companion's head with both arms.

"Brother, I' sorry, just wake up we gotta go home. We gotta go hom-"

Then the young solider with raven hair finally realize he wasn't alone, he looked up and saw Vilkas who no doubt seemed to be very beastly in appearance.

Wearing his tribal grab and wielding his gun, Vilkas was very alien and fearsome to this miserable boy.

Yet grief's bitter grasp had numbed the youth of it, he didn't care anymore because his brother was dead. Vilkas just stood there in silence with the scene before his dark eyes.

The loss of love ones was no stranger to his soul.

I never got the chance to bid farewell to my kin.

Vilkas sadly thought to himself if he had the chance to change anything he would've taken their place so they could've live.

So yes bounty hunter knew what exactly the boy was going through but Vilkas had buried his pain and try to on move with his life.

Even so Vilkas choose to put on a stoic face like a mask so not reveal it and then the youth with closed eyes and lowering his head spoke in an tone heavy with resignation

"It doesn't matter anymore, this battle, this planet,"

Then he gaze upon Vilkas again with eyes open once more, revealing his face soaken with many tears then hoarsely pleaded.

"Kill me please I beg of you! I'm done just make it quick."

Taken off guard by the request, Vilkas froze and ponder on what to do. Considering what the solider was experiencing, Vilkas couldn't blame him for how he felt.

After a moment of silence the former tribesman made his decision.

Stepping forward, Vilkas walked toward the grieving youth and then bypass him. Vilkas couldn't kill the brother, who was he to take the soldier's life without just cause to do so, this wasn't it.

Despite how this brother was feeling right now, Vilkas believed that a person shouldn't throw away his or her life in that kind of state.

Hearing a scream of frustration and desperate movement coming from behind him, Vilkas reacted swiftly.

Turning around to face the mourner charging him, Vilkas with a mighty arm slapped his attacker who fell backwards to the pavement hard.

Moaning in pain the soldier was then grabbed up by his collar and Vilkas stared intensely into his eyes.

"Live for him." Said Vilkas in an deep and accented voice, referring to the boy's dead brother. Completely startled by both the assault and the words, the Telosian was rendered speechless.

Not waiting for an answer, Vilkas let him go and then resume his run. As he done, Vilkas gave a silent prayer to the Great Mother spirit of his people for the young human to heed his advice.

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