Star Wars: Path of the Hunter, Part 2
Star Wars: Path of the Hunter, Part 2 stories

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Following the Battle of Endor's aftermath, a mysterious bounty hunter finds himself swept in the midst of the chaos. While pursuing what appears to be a simple 'snatch and grab' contract, turns into a galactic-wide odyssey.


Star Wars: Path of the Hunter, Part 2

Five Rotations later...

Ord Mantell,

The Bright Jewel System

Mid Rim

"I must say well done, knew you were the right hunter for the job. It must've been fate that brought you to me to solve my problem.

Vilkas rolled his eyes, letting his current client ramble on. He listened in disciplined silence, standing in front of a huge desk carved from wroshyr wood.

Behind it sitting in the fine silk chair was the speaker, a fat human dressed in a cyan colored suit with a sliver metal necklace, hanging around his neck.

This bloated bantha of a man was Ric Verner, an enterprising tycoon and a self-proclaimed prince.

Recently Vilkas had completed a contract to bring back alive a former business associate of his named Malcom Howe.

The fool had cheated Verner from a great amount of profit and gotten himself captured by fanatics. Malcolm was only spared from a live public execution by Vilkas' hands only to become a captive.

Rotten fruit doesn't fall far from its tree.

Vilkas thought to himself, waiting for Verner to finish himself promoting speech and give him the credits owned for the task.

It is an interesting time bounty hunters with the heavens aligning away from the Empire. Yet it was chaos, not a government that reigned supreme over the galaxy at the present.

Beside the ongoing conflict with the Former rebels and their Imperial enemies, the galactic underworld was in turmoil as well.

Especially the Hutt Clan, who were still reeling over the demise of its leader, Jabba the Hutt.

As such, the Hutts been struggling against one another over who should be the successor. Murder, blackmail and other forms of intrigue within the Clan had increased tenfold as a result.

Not to mention rival gangs like the Black Suns were becoming more aggressive, moving in on the Hutt territories while the giant slugs squabble among themselves.

Thankfully Vilkas stayed as a freelance hunter, not tied exclusively to either side. Still he took jobs from one group or another from time to time as long as it was on his terms.

Now if only this client just ceases his trivial boasting was his prevailing thought.

The hunter kept himself composed with a warrior's patience for the next few minutes until Ric Verner finally said something of value.

"With that being all said, here your well-earned reward."

The merchant opened up a compartment at his desk and brought out a small yet sizable bag. Uniting it, revealed twenty four gold coins called wupiupi.

This currency was mostly used in Hutt held regions of the the Outer Rim. Considering the Empire's uncertain future, its economy in shambles, and the worth of the Imperial credit was decreasing.

The amount in this batch is worth fifteen thousand credits exactly. Hopefully, the rebels or whatever they call themselves now will have an equivalent set up at some point.

Either way his business with Verner was done.

"Gratitude" Vilkas sincerely said with a heavy accent that layered his voice. Once done, the Wolfman proceeded out of the office through the hololift connected to it.

Twelve minutes later, he left Verner's privately owned ten story building and went into a crowded sidewalk.

Feeling pleased with himself, Vilkas let his mind drift for a few seconds out of his usual caution and just enjoy his success.

It it didn't last long however when he noticed how several human bystanders looked at him. Their expressions ranged from mild curiosity, silent fear, and even contempt.

This is something that he dealt with on occasion when such people when their kind actually did pay attention to the likes of him. Such behavior annoyed him as much as the first time had done.

Vilkas can pretty well guess what they're thinking now.

"Outsider, thug, and savage. By the Great Father, I can write a whole list of their insults."

He thought with great cynicism. The hunter walked a bit more briskly and with more haste, his mood darken.

Vilkas wanted out of this mountain sized city, away from these people and their petty judgment. The sooner he left, the better.

Thankfully the side effect of being unpopular at the moment made the bystanders keep their distance.

This awkward situation continued for some time until he came across a park across the street on the right.

Unlike the metal themed buildings that towered like mountains, there was a certain beauty to it that drew Vilkas toward its direction.

Nature such as trees and the small creatures that lived them was something Vilkas felt he can relate more so to than the aliens here.

"They take this all for granted as much as their own civilization."

Vilkas whispered to himself, watching a group of youth passing by, blatantly littering the fine blue grass beneath them with wrappings, and drink cans.

Even so Vilkas chose to ignore their foolishness and walked further away into the trees, enjoying the view and even smell of this park.

This was an unforeseen blessing. Sure this was a limited form of nature, but it is a pleasant enough distraction.

After walking some more, he stopped at a spot in the trail surrounded by trees that seem void of people. He took a good whiff with his nose and liked the aroma.

This is good.

A simple statement but one with a deeper meaning. It reminded him that life was not about survival only but of wonders as well.

The Wolfman spotted a pair of furry rodents he never saw before, leaping from one branch to another. Vilkas smiled slightly at the display, reminding him of...

That line of thought was interrupted when a commlink attached to his belt beeped. Vilkas uttered a grunt of frustration that his relaxation had been cut short.

Yet he was somewhat grateful, this usually meant a job offer from one of the usual clients. He finally grabbed the commlink and activated it.

"Who is this?"

"Saw the footage, with you and the terrorists. It would've been more of an impressive feat if those idiots hadn't made it so easy for you big boy."

Recognizing the surly voice, of a woman he knew all too well, Vilkas level his annoyance that threaten to surface again.

"What do you require?" The bounty hunter replied in an professional tone. A laugh of amusement erupted at the other end.

"Come now Vilkas, please call me by my name. We have known each other for a long time."

"What do you need?!"

Vilkas repeated with a hint of anger. He had no use for this nonsense, especially coming from the likes of her.

"Fine suit yourself."

The female voice noted with no small amount of amusement before getting serious.

"There is a problem, usually I would handle myself but the war is spreading out in my turf, keeping me occupied at the moment.

Some slimeball and his gang, murdered one of my contacts, an old friend of mine and stole a package he was going to deliver for me.

Vilkas can hear the mixture of grief and fury within the contractor's tone. While it is hard to understand aliens sometimes, he can at least relate to them on that aspect.

He listen further with a more attentive ear than before.

"The job I'm offering is simple and to the point. Destroy the gang. I don't care how you do it as long they pay for harming one of my own and find my package.

I'm offering twenty-two thousand in coins as a reward. Do we have a deal?"

The hunter considered it with great thought. He had been the hand of such judgment a few times before but for some reason felt cautious about accepting this task.

In the end though Vilkas decided the reward and the possible challenge was worth it.

"Your terms are acceptable. Though I will need further details on the prey."

"Consider it done. I will have their location transmitted to your ship as soon as possible. Good hunting."

The Wolfmam remained silent as his contractor finally disconnected. Samsi Erat was many things, she however paid well enough and kept her word...for most of the time.

Vilkas gave the park another look around, enjoying the beauty one last time. Then bowing his head, he whispered a prayer in his native tongue.

(Great Tévas give my arms strength and the courage to use them. Gentle Anya guide my soul in wisdom in the chosen path. Yet should I embrace death in the hunt to come grant me absolution.)

Finished the bounty hunter made his way out, heading back for his ship at the nearby spaceport.

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