Star Wars: At Saber’s Edge Pt.5
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Six months following the Battle of Endor, conflict rages on across the Galaxy, between the recently formed New Republic and the now struggling Empire. The crew of the Saber, a MC80 star cruiser find themselves heading a small task force into the frontier known as Wild Space. What was suppose to be a mop-up operation turns into a desperate fight of survival for the former rebels.


Star Wars: At Saber’s Edge Pt.5

The enemy bridge exploded in massive fury as the bombers and their escorts scattered as a school of fish.

Giving out a wild cheer at the sight, Forim and the other pilots increased thrusters' speed and reentered the dogfight nearby.

The destroyer began to sink with several escape pods blasting away from it. Unhindered, the Saber and it's two escort cruisers concentrated their firepower on the headless battleship.

Forim glanced to the side, as one cruiser advanced on the left and the other below on the right and the Saber in front above the drifting enemy vessel.

Without hesitation the trio punched through the Imperial hull with concentrated firepower in three directions.

Within minutes the Imperial flagship's center mass erupted with furious fire, tearing it into two.

Such a view stunned Forim so much that he failed to realize how dangerously his X-Wing was a moment later.

As if a mighty hand swapped him, Forim's fighter lurched back by the sheer force of the capital ship's destruction.

Spinning violently out of control the blue skinned pilot tighten hands on the flight stick in a vain effort to regain balance with Pal beeping frantic calls.

Grimacing in both pain and fear then the alien ace shouted back.

"I know, I know Pal just hang on!"

Tumbling and spinning nonstop, Forim's vision blurred, helpless within the confined space of his cockpit. Soon his consciousness began fading to the mounting pressure of the g-force.

No stay awake, stay awake.

In spite of his defiant spirit, the will of the body was absolute and Forim slumped over, passing out.

Nearly three hours later...

Slowly but surely Forim began to wake, opening his red eyes and moaning from a newfound headache then the familiar sound of Pal erupted close by, real close.


Viridux blurted out and stood up. Much to his surprise the ace found himself in bed aligned with similar cots.

Several were occupied by other Republic personal in various states of wounds in a wide white room.

He twisted his head to the left and saw little round green plated Pal chirping with palpable excitement.

So I lived. Thank the force.

Breathing a sigh, Forim then shushed at the droid.

"Me too buddy but please tone down it. Head hurts."

In reaction the atstromech clicked and squeaked with a sound clearly sarcastic in nature. Rolling his red eyes Forim replied.

"Only you would remind me of that business on Rodia."

"You both can keep it down. There are other patients in here after all."

Looking up the squadron leader Viridux saw a yellow Twi'lek female aged around forty years in an doctor's uniform with a polite rebuke written over her face.

Embarrassed Forim shrugged his shoulders sheepishly.

"My apologies Doc. Ya recall how we are when together."

"I'm intimately aware of the fact Mr. Vidirix. All the same be little quieter."

Doctor Tiliah Kiba retorted in an exotic accent that clearly marked her origins from Ryloth. Nodding in acknowledgment, questions popped up in his mind and looked at the medic she spoke up first.

"Before you ask Mr. Viridux, yes your squadron is okay, Bol Icab is keeping them occupied for the time being.

Also your injuries, it is nothing major, you will rest here for the time being doctor's orders. By the way Carla, the mechanic has a few choice words for you given the state of your fighter."

Uttering a short chuckle Forim looked down the floor and commented.

"Go figure. So what happen after the destroyer blew up? I imagine we won."

A weary sigh escaped Doctor Kiba in reply.

"We did save Sullust but the remaining Imperial vessels refused to surrender or retreat. They keep on fighting until wiped out, not before inflicting further casualties us.

My staff and I will be busy for the next few rotations..."

Upon that those last words the Twi'lek medic fell silent with both Forim and Pal joining her. Then Kiba gave a slight nod to the both of them, and went back to work.

The young Duros had mixed feelings about what they suffered in spite of having only few of the details.

At least we spared Sullust further misery. That counts for something.

Thinking that young flight leader just hoped all these madness would end. He didn't want to keep losing friends like Zio.

From the widow on the far left, the squadron leader could clearly observe the drifting pieces of vessels Alliance and Imperial alike, floating in the dark vacuum of space.

"One day, one fight at a time."

He reminded himself and laid his head back on the soft pillow and tried to get some sleep.

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