Star Wars: At Saber’s Edge Pt.3
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Six months following the Battle of Endor, conflict rages on across the Galaxy, between the recently formed New Republic and the now struggling Empire. The crew of the Saber, a MC80 star cruiser find themselves heading a small task force into the frontier known as Wild Space. What was suppose to be a mop-up operation turns into a desperate fight of survival for the former rebels.


Star Wars: At Saber’s Edge Pt.3

Meanwhile the said Republic reinforcements in the form of a MC80 star cruiser, the Saber flanked by two old venator-class destroyers, one on each side flew toward the battle.

They had been on patrol in a nearby system when alerted of the situation from an earlier message.

Inside an ever active docking bay of the Saber was a certain X-Wing, piloted by a blue skinned and red eyed alien. His name was Forim Viridux from the Core World of Duro.

He wore the typical orange flight suit and with a more unique black helmet, while sitting in the cockpit of his fighter waiting to hear the order to deploy.

Outside a group of technicians made their last-minute preparations on his fighter, as it was being done to the other craft throughout the bay.

Forim sat there in silence, mentally preparing himself for what is to come. He stared at the front of the cockpit like aimlessly, his right gloved hand shaking uncontrollably.

The twenty-one-year-old pilot had fought in a multiple of engagements so far, mostly light scale raids and skirmishes.

It was however more than enough of a harrowing experience to help him wise up as a fighter pilot...and give him repeated nightmares.

The young Duros tighten the struggling hand into a fist and then took a deep breath before releasing.

Get a grip, your squadron needs you.

With that thought in mind Forim decided to keep himself busy by rechecking the controls, a useful diversion. Soon enough, Captain Darda Sen spoke through the intercom to the crew.

"All hands prepare for battle stations and launch all fighters."

Pal, his emerald painted astromech, in the fighter's back seat commented in binary [This is it.]

Smiling, but pretending annoyance, Forim replied,

"Don't remind me buddy."

Soon the X-Wing lifted up from the ground and the landing gear closed.

Forim directed the starfighter forward then turned, following the rest together like a flock of birds out of the bay on the right.

They detected the massive dogfight between their fellow rebels and the hated Imps in close space to the star destroyer and its remaining cruiser protection.

"Lock S-foils in attack position." The Duros pilot ordered his squadron who quickly complied.

His X-Wing spread its foils open, giving his fighter its trademark attack position, widening the range of its laser cannons.

Leading Able squadron in front of a loose triangle formation, Forim charged into the dogfight.

The Duros pilot twisted his ship in a loop, diving toward a TIE interceptor, whose pilot seemed too distracted from the incoming peril.

Viridux squeezed down the trigger, rapid fire burst forth upon the Imp's cockpit from above. In an instant, the enemy was gone in a cloud of derbies.

Forim's first kill of this engagement and yet he did not celebrate, feeling hallow about it and an urgent need to stay on task.

Moments later his shields were downed, dodging and twisting to stay alive. The leading cruiser Saber made its way at high speed just as Forim Viridux flew up within range of its outer edges.

Soon he witnesses from the side of his cockpit's viewpoint, the rebel cruiser and the Imperial destroyer exchanging volleys of turolasers at one another.

Red and emerald tracers shot back and forth, igniting explosive bursts in the hull of each vessel.

The scene was breathtaking, needless to say, until he remembered that people are dying from the baordside duel. Then Captain Sen called in once more.

"Saber to flight leaders, Able and Bravo get your squadrons back in formation and escort us in, we're starting our attack run toward the Destroyer. Marking nav point theta."

Complying, Forim lurched out of the massive dogfight and made his way in an escort formation for the Saber on its right starboard.

Following him was ten X-Wings out of the original twelve in Able Squadron.

"Ables, when we engage again stay close proximity to your wingman as much possible. Able Two you're with me.

Our objective is to protect the Saber from bomber attacks as it intercepts the enemy destroyer."

"Copy Able leader, following you now."

When finished, Forim watched the main vessels of rebel task force open up on the destroyer's left board-side to save the corvette under assaulted by it.

Soon the remaining enemy fighters and bombers swarmed in for a counter-offensive toward the Saber.

Just as that happened Able and Bravo squadrons dived toward the hostiles, Forim couldn't help but think.

Here we go again.

Forim lost visibility of Able Two but it couldn't be helped, this second round of the dogfight was even more intense than the first.

His fighter shook violently on impact from enemy fire, decreasing the shields.

Viridux had no time to shoot back, instead spun down and quickly went left, then right to shake off the pursing fighter.

Suddenly the hunter became prey when one of Forim's squad mates Bol Icab aka Able Four swoop in overhead.

Letting loose a barrage Bol disintegrated the chasing enemy into noting but metal pieces.

"Thanks Bol, I owe ya." Forim said, his face beaming with gratitude.

"No problem Viridux but we still got a fight to win here."

"Acknowledge...form up with me."

Bol complied and together they flew together out of the main fighting before making an attack run on a stray enemy bomber.

Once locked on target, Forim blasted shot after shot till the Imp's rear was filled with gray smoke.

The hostile pilot attempted to dodge out of his line of fire only to be destroyed by a proton missile, courtesy of Bol. All was left but an explosive cloud and wreckage in its wake.

This reminded Forim that no matter how skilled or talented one flyer is, the teamwork of two or more similar pilots was far better.

"Saber to Able squadron, we have a flight of Y-Wings, their target, the destroyer's bridge. They need fighter support. Uploading their positions to your HUD, nav point Delta."

"Understood, Captain, over and out. Alright Able, ya heard him, we got babysitting duty, regroup for the directed coordinates in wingman pairs."

Once acknowledged, Forim and Bol complied with the new guideline on their HuD and were soon accompanied by the rest of their unit.

The X-Wings flew in pairs and then formed into an arrow formation. With his fighter leading, Viridux looked toward the sensors to check how many pilots were left in the squadron. Eight...

lost another one, Zio Rosen, a human smuggler from Garel who only been with them for about two months now.

Forim squeezed his knuckles tightly, remembering the other night when they shared drinks and swapped stories together.

Another pilot dead under his command, Forim grew more determined in that moment to do his best to keep the others alive. Able Squadron soon linked up with the allied bombers at the nav point...

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