Star Wars: At Saber’s Edge Pt.2
Star Wars: At Saber’s Edge Pt.2 stories

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Six months following the Battle of Endor, conflict rages on across the Galaxy, between the recently formed New Republic and the now struggling Empire. The crew of the Saber, a MC80 star cruiser find themselves heading a small task force into the frontier known as Wild Space. What was suppose to be a mop-up operation turns into a desperate fight of survival for the former rebels.


Star Wars: At Saber’s Edge Pt.2

An hour later...

Oren Tadian frowned, torn between a mixture of satisfaction and frustration at the view he was witnessing.

What remained of one Nebulon and two corvettes floated aimlessly, noting more than chunks of derbies on the right.

However intermingled with the destroyed rebel ships were pieces of what had been two of his cruisers.

Noting only that more than half of the TIEs were gone with the accursed rebels still with fighter support.

Worse of all for the proud naval man was the last hostile frigate heavily damaged but still firing back.

Screening it was the elusive Coreillian corvette and the surviving starcraft that flew from one side to the other. Their effort will be in vain he concluded but even it had cost him dearly.

The sight of what once was two Imperial light cruisers, rendered nothing but wreckage reminded him so bitterly along with the remnant of the TIEs. Captain Tadian sighed then ordered out loud.

"Full speed ahead and fire everything."

"Captain they're crippled, we can let the remaining Arquitens and bombers handle them and proceed with our objective."

Twisting around the senior officer gave a stone cold stare back toward his subordinate.

"We can accomplish both tasks with this destroyer. Now do I as command, full speed ahead and have the batteries ready."

Jader with great reluctance written over her expression, silently nodded in acknowledgment and repeated the order to the crew.

The star destroyer increased its speed, advancing toward the battered rebel picket line, with its remaining escort.

Tadian rubbed gloved hands in anticipation for the coming destruction that would be wrought upon these insurgents and then their Sullustan collaborators on the surface.

My son, Serin was everything a father could ever hope for. He made me proud the day he graduated from the academy...only to be murdered by these bloody terrorists.

The captain closed his eyes, the memories causing him great sorrow, before looking up back at the enemy defenders with utter hatred.

I had sooner have myself devoured by a rancor than to spare them from the justice they all deserve.

The Imperial vessels and their collection of bombers and fighters began the final push to wipe out their struggling foes.

Before they opened a new salvo a voice spoke up, it was the sailor at the scanner console.

"Captain, ships coming out of hyperspace at our rear. Three of them!"

Alarmed Oren looked back once from the walkway and watched Commander Jader, who shared a concerned expression approached the scanner console with a more worried sailor siting there.

The second in command narrowed her eyes in examination before she called back to the captain.

"Sir...its the rebels."

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