Star Wars: At Saber’s Edge Pt.1
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Six months following the Battle of Endor, conflict rages on across the Galaxy, between the recently formed New Republic and the now struggling Empire. The crew of the Saber, a MC80 star cruiser find themselves heading a small task force into the frontier known as Wild Space. What was suppose to be a mop-up operation turns into a desperate fight of survival for the former rebels.


Star Wars: At Saber’s Edge Pt.1

Long ago in an galaxy far, far, away...

Planet Sullust

Sullust System

The Outer Rim Territories

The volcanic planet of Sullust, like many worlds recently have been freed from the oppressive Empire, yet newfound liberation has its own share of risks...

Such is the case today, when an Imperial task force comprised of one Imperial 1-class destroyer and four Arquitens-class light cruisers entered the system without warning.

Their purpose, to conduct an orbital bombardment upon on the inhabitants for supporting the rebels. The threat was grave indeed, since Imperial agents sabotaged the planetary shields just prior.

This was to serve as a message to other seditious worlds, that the Empire was far from dead and more than capable of delivering retaliation.

Standing on the bridge, looking out from the view-point, Captain Oren Tadian couldn't help but sneered in contempt at the welcoming committee in front of the planet.

The New Republic naval defenses consisted of two EF76 Nebulon-B frigates, three CR90 corvettes and four A-Wing and X-Wing squadrons stood between Sullust and Imperial judgment.

As an old navy hand that served with pride since his academy, Tadian held great disdain toward the rebel scum for both professional and personal reasons.

Arms crossed behind his back, Captain Tadian turned to his subordinate on the left and said.

"Once in range direct all forward batteries to open on the frigate to the right on my command. The cruisers are to maintain position to protect our flanks.

We don't need the scum outmaneuvering us. Deploy all fighters and bombers and have them form defensive rings on the front as well."

"Understood captain."

Commander Jader replied in a crisp manner yet with a hint of eagerness in her voice while relaying the order.

Oren couldn't blame the XO, ever since the disaster at Endor, they needed a victory however small.

As the battle preparations took shape the captain noticed out of the corner of his eye a young ensign with a dark uniform standing near the defense on the left side, opposite of the walkway.

To most they seem to be doing his task, checking on the readings on the datapad that he held, Oren didn't buy it.

With a careful examination, he noted the sweat coming down the neck and the twitching fingers, sights that told a completely different story.

Immediately the captain knew what it was really going on having seen that same look on many before. He walked up toward the section with no pomp behind him.

The junior officer turned around and saw the captain approaching now afraid that he was in trouble. Instead, Oren stopped in front of him, nodding with sympathy before continuing.

"Son I know you're scared, this is your first battle, but we must perform our duties as men of the navy. Focus on the task at hand nothing more, nothing less. Or else I will have you relieved.


Shamed, the eighteen year old ensign gulped down his throat and nodded vigorously. Patting the young man's shoulder Captain Tadian returned to the command walkway and Jader followed.

"Everything is proceeding as instructed sir. Hostiles are advancing."

Looking out at the central viewpoint, Oren watch the rebel ships splitting into two groups. Each one was lead in the center by a Nebulon frigate and screened by one or two corvettes.

The very sight of them disgusted the officer from Brentaal IV all the more.

"Fire at will."

The destroyer's frontal guns came alive with salvos of emerald energy. Within a moment the frigate was struck in the center mass, pounding away at the shields.

In reaction it's corvette escort engaged thrusters, firing their own shots at the steer of the Imperial flagship, not so much to damage but to divert attention.

"Shields holding, sir."

"Stay on target commander. Our cruisers and TIEs will handle these smaller pests."

Seventy-two TIE fighters and bombers poured out from the Destroyer's main loading bay like an angry hive of inspects, strengthening protection for their mother ship.

Captain took a few moments of notice of the starcraft, engaging their rebel counterparts in front of his ship.

He watched on as the fighters clashed in the far distance, only able to make out specks flashing with blaster cannons at one another in a dance of death.

In all things considered, Captain Tadian was a traditionalist when it came to naval doctrine, battleships will always carry the day.

In his mind Endor was an exception, a disastrous one to be sure but an exception, nonetheless. He fully intended on crushing the opposition before him to avenge the honor of the Imperial navy.

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