your existence
your existence romance stories

mintnights never written before but i want to try:)
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a short love story

((btw this is just something that floated into my mind not something i've really experienced?? lol))

your existence

You, who had been here this entire time How did I not notice

Your smile Which radiated sunlight Ah, such common words To describe such a rare sight

Your wide shoulders and small hips When did they become such a beautiful view

The slope of your nose The curves of your eyes and lips All those small details Left me fascinated

Since when?

You, your kind personality Made you look prettier than sunsets

You, full of sweetness Reminded me of chocolate milk

Except I forgot I was lactose intolerant

You, who I could only admire from distance Even though you seemed like the perfect piece To add to my life

You, who will remain a beautiful view To admire Like the artworks of nature

Your beauty I hope it never changes.

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