until the end.

                    until the end. pain stories

mintnightsnever written before but i want to try:)
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missing you

until the end.

It’s been a while I’ve been getting on with life As usual Going through the daily routines

For most of it I make it through the day As if everything is okay And nothing has changed

But at the thought of you Even just a picture Or something you liked The tears start to fall again Ever so naturally now Without me even realising

Since you left There’s not a day You don’t come to my mind

Everyday The happy memories, smiles and hopes Accompanied with questions Of maybes and what ifs

And regret Even though there was little to nothing I could have done for you But still

I’m sorry It had to end like this

I’m sorry For crying all the time The void in my heart keeps swallowing me And pains me everyday

But this space was made for you only And no one could ever replace it

Even in a 1000 years Be it on Earth, or another place My love for you will remain forever

Maybe not now But one day The void inside me Will become a place To store all the precious memories

The sadness will come and go But you will live on in my heart Until the end.

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