tragic sadness
tragic sadness beautiful stories

mintnights never written before but i want to try:)
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the beauty of it

tragic sadness

Sadness Tragic sadness The type that makes me want to create paintings to express the sadness I suffer everyday.

Sadness The type that made me appreciate the long nature walks and short days out with my family All these little things Became memories to treasure

Sadness that made me so miserable Yet Gave me a different way of looking at life

Breathing in the outside air Slightly scented of freshly cut grass in early spring

Sounds of chirping birds Telling me morning has come

The rain pattering Giving comfort in the middle of the night

Gazing at a blue sky with a few scattered clouds Gaining a sense of peace in this world

All these little things Became so beautiful Amidst this sadness

Isn’t it a tragedy? This sadness Which gave so much pain Yet So much beauty to appreciate?

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