sorry; i'm fine

                    sorry; i'm fine sad stories

mintnights never written before but i want to try:)
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really, i'll be fine after a while

sorry; i'm fine

Stop telling me not to cry It’s not helping Why can’t I cry And let it all out

There’s so much I’m holding in I can’t quite explain the reasons But it eats me away everyday The only way I can release it Is by crying

Stop telling me to ignore my problems Because they’re not much to you But to me They’re tearing me apart

Can’t you see? My mask is flaking away I’m crumbling How do I ignore this?

Stop telling me to change myself I’ve been trying and trying But clearly, it’s not working


I’m only doing this to myself Even when you try to help I should be appreciating it Instead, I let it eat me away

I keep pushing you away Even though I need your words I cover my ears And carry on suffering As if I want it to happen

No, I don’t want to lay out my problems The worried look on your face from last time I don’t want to see it again I’d rather keep it all in Than see that look again

I’m sorry if I hurt you I know you’re trying to help But I’m the problem Maybe I just need some time And self-reflection

I’ll be okay Don’t worry about me Please.

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