in your orbit
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mintnights never written before but i want to try:)
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love story inspired by the earth and moon

in your orbit

The distance between us Is starting to feel like The space between the Moon and Earth

I can’t get close to you Because if I do I fear I might destroy you

If we get any closer There will be nothing stopping me Because your gravity is so great

But I will only harm you And I don’t want to see you hurt So instead I’ll watch over you From this safe distance

Only showing this good side of me Because if I show my other side You might see parts of me I never want you to see

Because that side is full of pain and scars Left behind while protecting you You don’t need to see this hurtful side

But I’ll carry on protecting you From asteroids being thrown at you And make sure you never get hurt

I’ll shine my light on you in your dark days And even in your bright days I’ll be there Watching over I’ll stay in your orbit

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