I'll wait for the moon

             I'll wait for the moon pain stories

mintnights never written before but i want to try:)
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i'll wait however long it takes

I'll wait for the moon

Every night Watching the night sky I wait for the moon To brighten my day

The moon That’s so far away Just like you

Even though I could only Watch from a distance Your warmth reached me And touched my heart

For the first time in my life I felt a sense of home From someone I didn’t even know

And just how the moon Lights up a dark sky My life started to feel Brighter

Just being able to see you From a distance Made me feel At peace

But now You’ve gone so far away Further than the moon

At the thought of never seeing you again My heart turns ice cold And breaks, again

The only place I can meet you now Is in my dreams I hope you visit when you can I miss you

But even if you can’t I’ll wait

Every night For the moon To shine in the night sky So I can see you Again.

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