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Cimmerian Stark

My silent steps swapped onto slight rustles as the clearing came into my view. There before me was a gaping hole in the bottom of a bark, it's upper trunk looming over me, a wraith clambering the Moth Gray mist. What I felt was wonderfully chilly! I almost felt her icy fingers trailing down my spine.which was without any doubt as frozen as Antarctica.

Sure. Anyone one could expect a rabbit to come out of that hole. But, this was not Alice in Wonderland. It's just me, standing across our backyard at around midnight. I'm not supposed to be here. I should have just jumped the brick wall to aunt Lily's salon right away instead of freaking out over a shadow beneath the blinking street lamps.

I can't run now. Hell! I can't even move a toe. Creepiness was overtaking me, clips from horror films taking turns playing in my noggin. My otherwise thick skull was on haywire, busy replaying eerie Waterphones. There was a hand on the small of my back, which from what my senses could tell, didn't belong to me at all.

"W–Who the hell are y–you?" "Stark." A silly voice said near my ear. Was it too close to my ear? It doesn't breathe? 'Yeah, silly and creepy.....'

"But, To-Tony Stark died in Endgame! I fl-flooded the theatre with my tears." I managed to blurt out, my knees trembling together.

To be continued.....

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