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This is the truth about me... I was born happy & so confident. What might changed me into this insecure & sad person? Does it matter?

By: Mini Love

Why me? Episode 1

by Mini Love

My life.. The story I'm about to write is a true story of me. I was born in January 1998. I'm the first child of my family, and the first grand daughter from both big family from mom and dad.

I was born... "Fierce". When I was a baby, my mom said I rolled my eye to my uncle who was visiting me. Can you believe that? I was a baby whom just born few hours ago and already rolled my eye.

How annoying, huh?

Before that, I'm going to tell you a little bit about my parents. My mom and dad was born in a poor family. But that was only until their primary school.

Up to junior high school, both of them are the richest family on their school.

My dad was popular as the coolest kid at school, while my mom was the most beautiful girl, but the quite type, really quite&anti social. But that wasn't because she's a bitch.

She's just happen to be from a school that is different from the entire student that attends the same Junior high school. My dad was one of them, "the richer kids". My mom was insecure and shy.

Then one day, my dad saw my mom walking by... It's just it! My dad said, when he saw my mom he thought "this is it".

And he just send her a letter right away the next morning, confessing his love to her. Then they date all the way until marriage at 23 years old.

My grandpa from my dad side, is a really hardworking man. He loves me so much because I'm the only grand daughter he ever sees in his life. I love him so much too.

He took me to buy fish, change my diapers, play with me everytime he got back from work. Since my father's engangement, my beloved grandpa is diagnosed with stroke..

My dad's whole family is devastated with the news. He can't speak clearly, he can't see, and he can't move 90% part of his body.

But as bad as it sounds, at least he provided all of his childrens lots of money enough to build one big business, except my dad.

My dad was given a plastic factory, that is ready to run for business because my grandpa build it long time ago.

My nasty oldest uncle was so jealous about it that it's probably one of the reason my grandpa got stroke.

How ungrateful can he be? My grandpa spent loads of fucking money for him to study abroad in a subject which he refuse to use for work later on.

My dad's little sister was married to my mom's little brother. And my youngest uncle whom I rolled eye on, was a full spoiled child. He got a mercedes in junior high school during 90s.

My grandma spoiled him too much that he becomes the dumbest kid at school, he can't even study abroad because of his scores and my grandma still feel pitiful for him.

It's kinda usual mom & youngest son relationship.

Anyway, that's about my dad's family.

When I was a kid, all I know was playing around. I have fun, I could spend lots of money at timezone without thinking, and I am the most loved niece in both families. I was... The happiest kid.

I was so cheerful & confident. I could see it from how I pose in my old photos. I was like supermodels. I was not afraid to be difficult, too.

I could told my baby sitter to buy 10 different box of milk because I could barely like any of them. Because I really don't like milk! But of course my mom pushed me to drink it.

Who doesn't? And somehow my parents just let me be. Because at that point they just think I really don't like the milk&and yes, they have a lot of money, they wouldn't care.

My baby sitter could keep feeding me for 3 hours or more. I was a spoiled child, too. Then 2 years later my first brother was born, he is the quite type. He's so calm and different from me.

He could drink just any milk. He is naturally well behaved. He has innocent face, innocent attitude, and truly respects my parents. He is the total opposite of me.

Since kid, I got yelled a lot by my mom because how stubborn and rude I was. I was pretty self tempered too.

I've ever pulled out two of my brother's teeth because he keeps chewing a rope and I pulled it out because I was disgusted. I've been compared to him loads of times.

My baby sitters & mom often compares how my brother is always nicer than me in every way, e-ve-ry way. Since kids.

I got that jealousy since then, I was always can not fully love my brother, and it wasn't even his fault. Then 2 years later, my youngest brother was born. He is a little naughty and funny.

I loved him. It's different this time. He wasn't as nice as bryan. So we kinda a bit more clicked.

Remember how I told you I was the happiest kid? Not up to the first time I attended kindergarten, not anymore.

When I walked in class, my friends looking at me funny because I was late, and I figured out that day that pimples and black teeth are gross.

One of my girl classmates told the other girls out loud "Look! How funny she is.. What are those big red bums on her forehead? Hahahaha". Yet what happens? Of course I don't have any friends.

All the girls love her. She was taller and skinnier than me and obviously has no pimples. I attended school day by day feeling a little sad. I began looking myself at the mirror.

How big my red bums are and how ugly my teeths are! But I tried hard to gain friends. You know what was wrong? I gained friends because of money.

Yes, I secretly brought the cutest toys to school that was trending that time. It was original while my evil classmate got the fake. All the girls are startingvto talk to me and plays with me.

But that doesnt last long either. After my evil classmate brought up her "original" toy as she said it, I don't have friends again.

I just prayed that time went faster and I got another classmates. Since kid, I look up to the prettiest girl at my kindergarten.

She wins at every kids beauty contests and she's friendly with anyone. I said from far away looking at her on the front lobby to my dad.. "Dad isn't she pretty? She's so pretty isn't she?".

But I don't know why, my dad just replied "What? No, no way, you are the prettiest girl at school." Maybe it was because of my face expression, or my dad really thinks so.

To be continued...

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