My Diary...
My Diary... 15-min-of-fame stories

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about a girl that is exploring her dreams....

My Diary...

Entry One.

Hey, i've never written in a diary but- im giving it a try to here's my story.

i've always wanted to become famous... weather or not people knew what i looked like or not. i grew up in a place, where you didnt get your dreams..

if you wanted something no one would ever believe in you. that was the case for me.

see i had been 13 at the time, and had been dreaming of becoming a "rockstar" since the age of 2 and my parents never heard the last of it.

My mother, well she never really paid much attention to what she calls my "childish dreams", but my father. if i told you he cared... i'd be lying- because he CARES....

see no ones rich where i am. so buying an electric guitar was completely out of the question.

but we do in fact have an acoustic that has been passed down by my grandfather and now is in the hands of me.

father said this is what would help me in the meantime in which i didn't have an electric guitar. i have actually been saving up for it secretly and god knows my dad probably is too.

as of now i have about 157 dollars and 23 cents. its not much but it would be enough money for an amplifier and maybe a few other things.

now im running out of time i have to go do dishes but i will be back to write.

Entry Two.

Hey Diary im back, yes, yes i know its been 2 weeks- but i have AMAZING news...

my dad (somehow) just got me a gig- i don't need a guitar or anything! they have everything i need to do it, sadly the gig only lasts 15 minutes! but i can use one of the songs i wrote.

(beat) listen i've gotta go.

BUT i will be back to let you know how practice whent(we have a rehearsal? i don't know why but i need to get to know the rest of the band for a day, ya know have them work on my song)

Entry Three

Ok, we just got done with the rehearsal. i got to know the other people. and they really like my song! i guess that's good that there is no complications.

the drummer came up with this sick beat that will make the song even better. we also have a few vocalists that are going to help me out. i don't know.

all of a sudden i've gotten this terrible anxiety rushing over me, what if i mess it up? what if people don't like the song? (beat) no i've got to think positive.

what if the crowd goes crazy? what if people love it? what if they never want to hear it again?.......

Entry Four.

i haven't written in a while because i've been critiquing my song and trying to make it better. in hopes my "15 minutes of fame" or whatever my father is calling it, will go smoothly.

the gig is in a few weeks so im very nervous but ill be ok, as long as people like it. ill be happy. i've been dreaming of this for years. literally my whole life- i finally get my dream..

and it only lasts 15 minutes-? im not ungrateful or anything. i just don't know how it would work. would i still be remembered? will i ever get a gig again? i don't know....

Entry Five.

The gig's in 3 days- i think that will explain how much anxiety i have right now. im nervous. no, that would be an understatement. im terrified.

i've been working on the song for 2 weeks now so i've gotten everything nice an polished up. no more critiquing anymore, glad that's over.

we have our last rehearsal tomorrow and then we will be good to go- wish me luck. ill write again after rehearsals tomorrow.

Entry Six(after rehearsal)

Ok, every things been going smoothly(beat) except.. i never thought these words would come out of my mouth. but the drummer got sick- so its a solo now.....

me (tries to be smooth) tOTALLY had this coming, and is not afraid one bit....

No im kidding im absaloutly petrified. but- i will pull through. the gig's tomorrow. so i guess there is no turning back now...

Part one of Entry Seven( day of gig)

Guys!!! today im doing it. im getting my "fifteen minutes of fame". You do NOT know how long ive been waiting for this!! (thinks) wait, actually you do.

i've been talking to a notebook for the past month in a half im sure you've picked up my feelings as well. the gigs in about 6 hours but im still terrified.

wish me luck- ill see you when the gigs over i guess...


Part two of Entry Seven(after gig) (end)

OMG, you wont BELIEVE how it whent!!! everyone loved it!!! i cant believe my dream finally came true...

and on top of that- someone somehow- got it on the news- so along with my 15 minutes of fame, i got 15 minutes of fame on TELEVISION. yes that's right- the thing you look at everyday.

yes- if you looked hard enough you would see it! now i've got to go, because my parents are watching me on tv as we speak- i don't want to miss it! i will see you next time. so long diary..

the end

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