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The Traveler - Chapter I
Melody Misaki is transported to a different universe. Actually, three. You're welcome to enjoy this anime fanfiction that mix three different worlds in one.
Spoiler: Kamigami no Asobi; Diabolik Lovers and Uta at Prince-sama.
Many adventures and romances await for you all.

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The Portal: First World

Pleasure to meet you, I’m Melody Misaki and I’m 16 years old. I have black hair and golden eyes. I’m a little shy and fearful. My normal clothes are casual and colorful.

Just another normal day as always. Dad isn’t at home, he traveled with my stepmother. EVIL STEPMOTHER. Honestly, I don’t like her neither she likes me. I’m alone at home right now.

Silent but peaceful at least.

Walking around the house is a funny habit I have since my mother died in a car crash. But this time was different. I strangely felt a abnormal atmosphere coming from the library.

Step by step my body approached the room and I saw a brightness around the library’s door. For some reason I took a brave action, filled my lungs with air and then opened the door.

The brightness filled the hall and soon turned everything white. My eyes were gradually getting heavier and heavier until I simply slept.

I woke up in a jump and looked around and then realized that I was on the floor of a kind of greenhouse filled with beautiful flowers.

I got up and leaned against a wall trying to figure out how I ended up here.

- Oh, right! That “flying glitter” brought me here, but – I said as I looked around one more time. - I feel like this is familiar to me.

I got out of the greenhouseand started to walk down a large corridor until I saw a rabbit looking at me, and I began to to run after him (Author On: Alice in Wonderland’s style).

During that, I end up losing myself, between three paths. I choose to go in the middle one and I saw a light at the end of the dark corridor and I face a sir with a scepter in the hand.

At the bottom of the staircase I see figures with beautiful faces that stop to look at me.

Melody: It can’t be ... It's not possible - I whispered to myself.

???: Ms. Melody , your arrival is graced by me, Zeus, Heaven’s God. Welcome to my garden.

Melody: What!?! Wait, what do you mean? "

Zeus: I brought you to restore the bonds between humans and gods, which was weakened over time. - He said loudly.- I created my garden based on colleges of your world. Your main teacher will be..

Melody: Toth, the Egyptian god of knowledge - I whispered as Zeus looked at me in surprise but continues the sentence.

The God Egyptian looked at me and started to stare at me, at this time I looked down because his look was very scary, but for some reason I did not care much.

I am presented to the gods, who are Apollon, Balder, Loki, Takeru, Tsukito, Hades, Thor, and Dionysus. Of these, Apollon and Balder seemed happier by my arrival.

I looked at the sides and I saw a figure of a boy with something in his hands.

He was waving his hand trying to make me follow him and then ran after the figure, Apollon and Balder followed me, Tsukito went behind I do not know why, Takeru and Loki run behind as well.

Melody: Can you slow down, please!?!?! - In this moment I stumbled and fell on the ground. Balder and Apollon helped me rise

Apollon: Are you okay? Can you stand? - He really was worried and I said no with my head.

Balder: Let me check what happened - Balder pulled my leg and pressed my knee, at that moment the others Gods arrive, Loki pushes me to the ground and holds the Balder.

Loki: What are you doing with that chick? He said looking at me.

Balder: I'm just trying to help, why did you push her ?! a certain degree of irritation in his voice. They began to argue.

Melody: Stop this fight! NOW !!! - I spoke to a certain degree of authority that I did not have, trying to hide my fear.

Takeru: Do you think you have any authority over us? Gods? "I said with authoritarianism bigger than mine.

Loki: You think you can live with us if you con’t even handle your own body, useless mortal? "

Takeru and Loki laughed at me, Apollon and Balder were serious, and the others did not want to get into trouble. I lifted, leaning against the wall, my legs were trembling.

Melody: You may even call me useless to your level of power, but we both know that I can control my body better. than you. - I grinned as Loki looked angry.

The other gods were surprised by my attitude, even strugging I walked down the corridor until I could no longer see them.

I sat on a bench and looked at the floor. Tears appeared in my face and I realized there was someone in front of me.

Melody: Toth-sensei- My voice was fading.


The gods were gathered in a large room, Apollon and Balder talked about the incident with the new girl. Loki and Takeru mocked the situation, dissatisfied with her attitude .

Loki: Could you PLEASE stop talking about that little idiot human! - he asked to Balder more than Apollon.

Apollon: Loki-Loki why did you push Melody even though she had fallen and hurt herself.- He said serious

Takeru: I will not stay in the same place as her! - His irritation was evident.

Balder: I liked her, she seems to be determined and cheerful, so cute. - Balder speaks in a different tone, which awakens a strange feeling in the other gods.

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