Dealing with Stress as a Startup Founder
Dealing with Stress as a Startup Founder stories
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Dealing with stress is tough! Here are some strategies that can help. You can try out our app at:

Dealing with Stress as a Startup Founder

by Elizabeth Russell, Co-Founder of Mindset

Before I go into a meeting or give a presentation

I use biofeedback to feel control over my physiology. By watching my heart rate, I understand how my emotions tie in to my physical experience.

I'm learning to control my heart rate

I see regular oscillations when I am mindful and do deep breathing.

One key to dealing with stress is awareness.

The better you understand how you mentally and physically respond to stress, the more capable you are of managing it.

Meditation has helped many people

It can help people get through tough times and learn to more deeply enjoy good times. I believe that successful people are mindful- able to control their awareness.

Mindset is an app we founded to help people stress less.

Mindset pairs with third party, continuous heart rate monitors.

It can tell people when they might want to de-stress

By measuring stress, we can see if a de-stress exercise actually worked or not. The app hosts a library of stress management exercises based on evidence-based therapies.

To help people better stress less so they can be more.

Mindset teaches techniques for training thoughts and feelings. By regularly practicing, users learn to cope with stress as it comes.

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