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Wednesday is my favourite day of the week


Wednesday is my favourite day of the week

They're not the only days I get to see you

I can see you almost anytime I want

But Wednesdays are special

We let ourselves into to my best friend's apartment

She gave me a set of spare keys

We unfold the futon in the study

We dress it in the fresh sheets we bring each time

We take off our clothes

And we melt into each other

You hold my face in your hands

I kiss your eyes and your ears

We can't be like this at your parents house

Girls don't love girls like this in their culture

In your culture

We can't be like this at my parents house either

because it would take so much explaining

And I am done with all that

I used to borrow my mum's car and we would drive for hours

We'd pull over in quiet places and disappear into the backseat

But that got old fast

So the spare room at my best friend's house it is

You and me, in each others arms

On Wednesdays

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