The Nightmare
The Nightmare scary stories

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I once had a nightmare that continues haunt me, although I woke up long ago

The Nightmare

I once had a nightmare that continues haunt me, although I woke up long ago

The dream began with me waking up in a prison camp

I was with about thirty other people, all ages, races, genders

None of us knew how we arrived at the prison

None of us knew why we were there. What had we done?

As we came to a lady appeared. She was petite, had a black bob haircut and was terrifying.

She emanated a silent menace and we knew we couldn't touch her or else something terrible would happen.

She told us we were going to be here for a while, but couldn't tell us how long exactly

She warned us that suffering was ahead and we became afraid

She gave us a tip for survival

"At the end of your time here you will find out why you were put here. If you don't survive you will never know."

We were then put to work, back breaking labour day in and day out. We were slaves.

We turned soil, carried bricks, walked for miles, all in the baking sun

we barely slept, ate or drank

We wondered if our families knew where we were, if they were looking for us

But no one saved us, no one came to our rescue

As the days turned into months and months into years, people began to lose hope

Some decided they didn't want to suffer anymore, they ended their lives

The only reason why I kept going was because of my anger

I needed to know who had put me here and why

What had I done wrong? I'd never hurt anyone, I hadn't commit a single crime.

I'd always tried to be the best person I could be, made sacrifices for others, loved everyone I met

I was determined to survive so I could take my revenge on those who'd made me suffer

I watched others fall around me as they gave up, but I clung to life desperately

Day in, day out, my slavery turned me numb

Then one day finally, we were summoned by the terrifying woman

"Today you are free to go. Your time here is complete..."

"You have two options. One, you can leave without finding out why you were put here. Two, you can stay and I will tell you."

"Those who do not wish to know, leave now." Half of the survivors stood up and left.

They didn't want a reason for their suffering, they just wanted to forget it ever happened. Knowing wouldn't change anything anyhow.

I stayed with my hands shaking with anger

She looked at us and smiled. "So, you who remain wish to know...."

"The truth is you were all put here by your families. They felt you were failing to keep up with the struggles of this modern life..."

"they felt burdened by your inability to adapt. So they decided for your benefit to toughen you up...."

"And so here, you learned a suffering and hardship so intense.."

"That you will never feel fear again."

"You are now ready to return and survive in the real world."

"You can go now. You are free. Your families are waiting for you outside."

weak with shock I stumbled outside with the others

I tried to collect my thoughts and think. What was I going to say to my family...after what they'd put me through..?

Up ahead I saw a huge barbed wire fence, behind it were my parents, my brother and my sister

They were waiting for me

I walked towards them slowly, painfully. My thin, battered legs ached and tears fell from my eyes.

I got closer and closer...I still didn't know what I would say...

That's when I woke up.

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