Cut out for Greatness
Cut out for Greatness love stories

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A poem about how we lose somethings or people just so that we may be our greatest selves.

Cut out for Greatness

Here comes the florist To look at me again - Her Black Baccara!

I am amongst her most priced flowers. I am one of her best roses. So, I am cut out for greatness.

A year ago, Cymosa came into my life. I became acquainted with her as she grew 5 cm from me.

But soon, I couldn’t withstand her ways. I started growing slowly.

So, the florist came. She uprooted her and took her away.

Then I flourished once more Because I am cut out for greatness And whatever may stunt my growth will be removed from near me.

Two months ago, Mollis came. She suffered the same fate as Cymosa. They were both not cut out for greatness.

I don’t dream of them, But every day and night, I dream of Delight! Oh my Double Delight!

She stands lovely in mixed colours, 5 metres away from me.

Bruno and David once moved into her life Each one living 5 cm from her.

But as they were stunting her growth, The florist came and uprooted them too. For she, like me, is cut out for greatness.

One day, she and I will be bound tight to each other, In a bouquet of a group of us the greats.

My dark petals shall be sealed to her bright petals, And we shall be sold together for a fortune.

Then we shall be put inside a vase of water together, And I shall be closer to her than I ever was with any other flower.

We shall enjoy a few sunrises together on the window, As I gaze at her beauty from millimetres away.

Yes, my time with her shall be very short, But it shall be the sweetest.

And we shall both wither and die on each other, But I shall be happy on that day.

For, finally, I will be with someone like me, Who is cut out for greatness!


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