Bye Baby
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milkyway1738I really like to write but I'm bad at it
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I miss him. A lot. I miss everything

Bye Baby

by milkyway1738

I never knew love would be so complicated. Never thought it could break me. It was wrenching to feel.

Taking pictures was the best part. There are so many. Nowadays it hurts to look at myself happy.

No one told me I could be hurt this bad. Rejection. Failure. Tears. It's a lot to take in. No one likes it.

When you said we were over. I thought I was hallucinating. I blinked and it was real. You were gone. Leaving me.

Our last words were. Bye baby. It's for the best. Bye baby. They still are.

I still miss you. Bye baby. These are my final words to you.

I love you. ~Deja

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This is such a sad poem. But it is well written. You bring your heartache to the forefront beautifully and descriptively. Time heals. It doesn't seem like it but it does heal. Great poem!!!!!!!