He wanted to be that person again
He wanted to be that person again feelings stories

milkfish Entropy, Decay, Eventual Death
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Lost to the endless ocean of changes, trying to be that version of you that once existed.

He wanted to be that person again

He wanted to be that person again.

The person who is carefree and laugh through his eyes.

The one who always stare up at the night sky and smile at the stars.

The person who loves to play games and always wonder when he would start his own adventure.

The one who always write about love, spaceships and magic.

The person who has always been a dreamer and always wonder when he can share all the worlds that he created.

He wanted to be that person again.

He wanted to feel the same excitement when he walks alone at night, singing and smiling to himself.

He wanted all those bittersweet sadness he always had while walking in the rain.

He missed the wonder and mystery when exploring places for the first time.

He longed for the times he enjoyed waking up early, sitting at the front porch staring contently at a distance.

He can't wait to look in the mirror and finally see the same twinkle in his eyes.

He wanted to be that person again.

But he was hit by some inevitable force so powerful that it cracked his whole being.

Left on the ground were all the shattered fragments of him that will be soon swept by the wind.

All his cracks were being filled up with by new dust carried by the breeze, changing him part by part.

Yet, he was unwaveringly hoping that, maybe someday, the wind will bring all his old pieces back,

Like the missing puzzle pieces fitting to the right places making him whole,

And finally making him, that person again.

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