Dynamic state of my body

   Dynamic state of my body  hatred stories

milkandalcohol just starting
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hey wasted again

Dynamic state of my body

It Is funny i run straight still end up where i started ..like i am walking in circles still less familiar with the rocks and feet only falling in thinner and narrower holes of defeat

My eyes screaming shallower woes blending my weak mind ..with strong consumption of highly poisonous appetite I am aching down a scratch on my soul and everything that i hide shown through my tear ducts on my pillowed heart

Familiar to my stone self resistant fears its never so cold still burning ice that sets you on fire Hoping for a new morning sentimental

still loosing the sentiments acting like a drunkard while being all sane on the table holding a dead argument just stopping the biting snakes from my toes stopping a hurricane inside my throat

Gulping harder day by day mentioning 5 years ago role-play Disgusting the body with its needs counting the corruption and the sweet horrible arguable failures

Mining the gold through my skin ripping and tearing the blood and sweat.. dwelling on fears My second notion love cant deny ...made me so passive shivering down the whole life with pens and papers

signing and sighing for another death then above everything still going to bed   

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