My Best Friend
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mileven_mucas Stranger Things keeps me going. 💖
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Your friends with Finn Wolfhard and always have been but what happens as soon as he has to leave for Atlanta, Georgia?

My Best Friend

You run outside of your house to meet up with Finn. You guys have been friends since kindergarten. Y/n: Did you get the part?! Finn: YES. Y/n: For real! Finn: Yes! Y/n: Oh wow my best friend is gonna play Mike Wheeler on Stranger Things!

Finn: You know it! Y/n: YAY. Finn: Y/n guess what. Y/n: What? Finn: I brought Bananas! Y/n: Yay. Finn gives you a banana and you finish it and throw the peel on the ground.

Finn: WOAH. Y/n: What! Finn: Pick up that peel young lady. Y/n: What? Finn: That peel could end up in the ocean and choke a fish. You both have a good stare at each other and start to burst out laughing.

After a good five minutes of laughing you both get to school to see that your priceable wants to talk to you.

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