A few reasons why
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A few reasons not to expose yourself to unnecessary pain and to have a little hope.

A few reasons why

by milenamacuglia

I do believe it is important, but it's not for everybody

there is a LOT of triggers in this conversation , and as someone recovering from depression, it's just too dangerous sometimes;

I wouldn't want my family to watch

they suffered enough with my depression without having to imagine that I could commit suicide and leave a letter listing their mistakes

I wouldn't want to blame someone

it's a lot more complex than this and it's not about vengeance, it's about not seeing a way out, about not seeing a reason to live, it's thinking about suicide knowing it will destroy your family

Suicide is silent and lonely

it's not a show to shock people, it's a last resource, a final rebellion against your pain, it's a surrender;

There is nothing romantic about it

it's pure, consuming darkness, it's your own mind telling you it can't go on like this, feeling this pain, this numbness and despair;

Suicide does feel like a option

but only when you are extremely sick, when you can't see any other option, it's not a choice when it seems like the only way;

And that is when you seek help

your family, a friend, a teacher, a colleague, a partner, your favorite waitress at that cozy cafe, your boss, anyone can help at that point;

All you need is ten seconds of insane courage

and then you have someone willing to help you, even if it is just by listening to you, or a hug, a comforting word goes a long way to remind you to have hope;

Hope is in the little things.

And life goes on;

And suddenly, you are living.

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