The worst of depression
The worst of depression pain stories

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The worst part of depression is when you stop feeling.

The worst of depression

by milenamacuglia

the worst part about depression is not the crippling sadness, the loneliness, the feeling of being useless, unloved.

the worst is when you stop feeling everything,

when your days go by and you don't even notice, when you don't care about your friends or family or your pet, your work, school, nothing else matters.

And why would it matter anyway?

it's not like someone it's going to miss you, it's not like it will make a difference if you are here or not.

This is the worst

when you feel so empty, so numb that you feel like nothing makes sense, nothing is worth your trouble

It's the most dangerous thing someone can fell, because it's not real, even tough it feels like it is

That is the time to look for help, even if is just being with someone, being in public, just not being alone is a huge step

There is no being strong when it comes to fighting yourself, ask for help, talk to someone, have hope, even when it seems impossible.

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