the girl who grabs the sun
the girl who grabs the sun heat stories
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the girl who gas the sun and guides my shadows

the girl who grabs the sun

by milenamacuglia

her hair is like fire

and so is her soul

she is bold and brave

she is an protector and as loyal as someone can be

she is fearless and yet so scared

she is so strong and so fragile

she is everything and yet she is sure only of her faults

she is not perfect, far from it

I only wish I could reach inside and remove her pain like a string

I only wish I could make her feel as special as she is

she is the girl who grabs the sun

even when her brilliance is enough to rival it

even when she is afraid to touch it

she is not afraid to burn because she thinks she deserves it

that couldn't be farther from the truth

her spirit is a sun all in itself

she is consuming and yet she doesn't make me feel any less

she guides my shadows with her light

in a way, we depend of each other

but that's alright

we love it

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