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milenamacuglia shades-ofmagic@tumblr.com
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his girlfriend is going away and I don't want him to want me for it


by milenamacuglia

she is going away

so maybe now you will want me

maybe now that you will be alone, you will consider me an option

maybe without her you will look for someone else to warm your bed

maybe I want you to

because you were my first love

but I don't want you to be my first heartbreak

I don't want you to use me as you did with her

I'm not that person

maybe I would accept you, maybe you could love me

but we are more likely to destroy each other in ways that can't be fixed

we are too broken to risk it

I am not the one for you, but you are not the one for me either

it doesn't make it better in any way

just bearable

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